Month: July 2014

Get to know Chi-Chi Laser Studio and Gloria


What does your company do?

Strong confident, sexy and successful woman is what my business is about – no not human trafficking – we help woman look and feel beautiful and confident through laser cosmetic therapies and in particular through painless laser hair removal treatments – At CHI-CHI pronounced Shee – Shee you really will “enjoy the experience and love the results”.


What advice can you give to Entrepreneurs that are starting out?
Make sure your not just “me too” make sure you have a strong differentiator – whats unique to Chi-Chi Laser Studios in the market place beyond using state of the art “painless” procedures is our bed side manner. Although we use a continuous flow 810 nanometer diode laser (not an IPL) the most powerful laser designed expressly for hair removal – its really the expertise of our laser technicians (through our rigid hiring and training practices) and our philosophy to make certain every client on every visit to Chi-Chi enjoys the highest caliber of personal service – that’s our true differentiator – what we’re not is some Grouponesque mass production “animal factory farm” – what we are is competitively priced and far and away your best value in the market place – and that’s become very evident since 90% of our growth is attributable to word of mouth referrals…and I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to thank all of my wonderful “affectedly elegant and trendy” clients for making us successful


Why did you start your company?
My career really began in information technology at IBM, GE Capital and at CIBC as a Vendor Manager responsible for negotiating enterprise software agreements. In and around my 6th or 7th year with CIBC, it became overtly clear to me it was really time to take stock and to follow my passion, which is helping woman to become what I’ve always aspired to be – confident, sexy and successful.

I’ve always had a strong desire to be in charge – just ask my husband, and to be free to schedule my time around my priorities – children and family – which hasn’t always worked out perfectly…so I created Chi-Chi Laser Studios and I’m extremely proud to be celebrating my 4th year in business with 48% yr over yr growth – but to be honest, remaining small and local and still having time to enjoy my wonderful husband and family are my real aspirations – however cliche that may sound. My philosophy has always been to make certain every client on every visit to Chi-Chi enjoys the highest caliber of personal service, and my friends that is no cliche.


What’s the best thing about being your own boss?
I just love all of the stress – no honestly, its to be free to schedule my time around my priorities – children and family


How do you manage family life and work?
I wish I could be more helpful to your readers in this regard – but everyone assigns their own certain priority or level of importance to every activity in their lives – I guess the only advice I can give is to really “know your priorities”.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Well lets be honest – life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans – I think that was John Lennon. My focus is here and now, as you know I’m a vegan and try to live a clean and healthy lifestyle and my dream for my family and friends and I is for abundant affluence and an optimal state of well being – and God willing in ten years I will still be around to enjoy it.

Discount Hair Removal

The secret behind cheap “daily deal animal factory” laser farms

People often ask me how I compete with cheap daily deal sites …answer – easily. First off, I get all of the disappointed clients whom have been duped by some of these unscrupulous spas. When you consider that Groupon’s business model amounts to little more than electronic junk mail – vendors offering potential clients 50 to 80% off and on top of that paying 50% commissions back to the site and ending up with only 10% overall – you get a sense for how unsustainable that model is. I guess for so many, half off Thai food offers than many of us would care to stomach, the model may be workable – and if you’re using cheaper IPL or even used laser equipment I guess it’s easier to sustain that discount model – but seriously, when my clients, many of whom are knowledgeable medical physicians and other professionals, are contemplating services that involve expensive high end medical grade laser equipment – equipment that’s extremely difficult and expensive to calibrate and maintain, and they consider all of the safety issues and liability involved around poorly maintained equipment – the discount model becomes increasingly impossible to sustain….

Unless of course you create this animal factory farm where the woman come in for treatments that last on average ¼ of the time and are performed on ineffective “un-calibrated” or used equipment – what do I mean by ineffective equipment – well first of all its accepted that IPL’s just aren’t effective for hair removal. Medical grade PAINLESS lasers the kind you’ll find at our studios will run you over $100,000.00 – in some cases more, and we calibrate our hand pieces regularly – a hand piece out of calibration is completely ineffective but it’s very common for many “daily deal site” discounters to use them; in fact at our Oakville location we recently replaced a unit out of calibration for over $19,000.00 – that’s a lot of $60.00 treatments–and that’s just the hand piece alone.

Add to that properly trained technicians and spending the required amount of “quality” treatment time with clients and you begin to understand the differences and why heavily discounting involves substantial risk and requires sacrifices in time, safety and quality of service.

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