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Laser Hair Removal from a Man’s Perspective

May 19, 2016 by Gloria in Blog, Reviews with Comments Off on Laser Hair Removal from a Man’s Perspective

I am male in my mid-40s and have been shaving since I was in my 20s. Shaving was laborious and the results very short lived, with stubble growing back within a day or two, so it was very hard to maintain a clean hair-free look. I then discovered home hair removal systems and tried that for a year and I had almost no results. It was also very laborious with each session taking hours. The cartridges were also very expensive and did not last very long.

Finally, I discovered Chi-Chi Laser Studio located in the Greater Toronto Area and could not be happier. The procedure is pain-free and results have been amazing. I purchased an 8-package session and I have now completed 4 sessions and the results are very noticeable.

In addition to it working the staff is amazing. They are professional, pleasant, and always make you feel comfortable and confident. I was so pleased and impressed that my wife is also now a client and she is also thrilled. She started her removal using a different technology and that technology was very painful. She also confirms that the technology that Chi-Chi uses works and is pain free.

We are now both thrilled and could not be happier. In short, if you are looking for hair-removal I would wholeheartedly recommend Chi-Chi Laser Studio. The people are awesome, the technology works, and it is pain-free.

Lastly, they often have special offers that make Chi-Chi Laser Studio less expensive than anywhere I have ever seen making it, in my mind, the best option for laser hair removal in the GTA.

Discover Laser Hair Removal for Confidence and Convenience

May 21, 2015 by Gloria in Blog with Comments Off on Discover Laser Hair Removal for Confidence and Convenience

Barbara Aleks Hecht
Personal Stylist, Image Consultant & Interior Designer

If it were up to me, the only place I’d have hair on my body is on my head and my eyebrows. The rest could just disappear forever, never to be seen again. Unfortunately that’s not the case and I, like many women, spend countless hours shaving, waxing, plucking and enduring ridiculous amounts of pain, removing unwanted hair.

I’d tried Laser Hair Removal for certain parts of my body (none of which I’ll mention here) in the past without much success. The procedure was extremely painful and after two sessions with no results, I just couldn’t bear to continue.

So when I met Gloria Loney of Chi-Chi Laser Studio in Oakville, Ontario, I was skeptical. She insisted that the machine she uses (Soprano XL, continuous wave diode laser with a sophisticated cooling system) is both painless and effective, as well as safe and gentle to use. (Uh huh. Heard that before.) But as hesitant as I was, the thought of constantly shaving my bits and pieces to perfection was enough for me to decide to give it another go. What’s the worst that could happen?

I went into my first session with Gloria slightly terrified. (Keep in mind I have a very low pain threshold.) When she started the lasering, I felt a slight pinching or heat. “No problem,” said Gloria, as she turned down the machine. Presto. No heat, no pinching, no nothing: 100 per cent completely pain-free. On all regions. The lady didn’t lie.

Ah, but what about the results? Gloria said I’d start seeing results in a few weeks. Right again. I started to notice less and less hair after each shave. And now, five weeks after my first session, we’ve decided to postpone the second session for a couple of weeks, until I see a bit more hair growth. Honestly, I’m truly amazed — especially since she worked on an area that hadn’t previously been lasered.

So how many sessions will I need? That depends. Gloria says that most women need approximately eight sessions and that results vary. Fine by me. I’m so impressed by the outcome, I’m even considering lasering other body parts.

But as much as Laser Hair Removal, for me, is all about convenience, for some women, it’s a matter of confidence. There are some women, even young girls, that have excessive facial and/or body hair that leaves them feeling self conscious and insecure.

For these women and girls, hair removal is a necessary part of their daily routine — critical to them feeling good about themselves and their appearance, as well as essential to their self-esteem.

Gloria mentioned that for most of them, removing the hair permanently changes their lives. Once the hair is completely gone, so is the hiding and trying to cover it up. Gone is the insecurity and walking with heads down and shoulders slumped. Replacing it is confidence, heads held high and no fear of others staring for all the wrong reasons.

So whether you’re tired of the constant grooming or have unwanted hair that you’d like to say goodbye to forever, why not give Laser Hair Removal a try? You might even end up like me — happy, pain-free and probably, soon to be, practically hairless (other than my head and eyebrows of course).

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Thrilled With The Results

May 21, 2015 by Gloria in Reviews with Comments Off on Thrilled With The Results

I’m thrilled with the results of Chi Chi laser technique so far. I’m doing my arms, full legs, underarms and Brazilian and amazed at the results. Gloria knows what’s she doing and I have the hairless body to prove it.


A Great Testimonial

February 11, 2015 by Gloria in Reviews with Comments Off on A Great Testimonial

I come from a long line of hairy Italian women, and next to the invention of the straightening iron, the Soprano XL laser hair removal system deserves a Nobel Peace Prize!

I was apprehensive to try Chi-Chi’s “PAINLESS” system after experiencing traditional IPL systems in the past – their claim seemed too good to be true. Dorota, my lovely technician, put me at ease the moment I arrived at the studio, but I still braced myself at the start of the session, expecting a thousand tiny elastic bands to snap away at my sensitive lady parts, and… nothing! No pain! Finally, a company that stands by its claims! It actually felt like a warm stone massage, and the procedure took a fraction of the time than regular lasers. Chi-Chi gets two (hairless) thumbs up from me!

~ Marilina Renna

Chi-Chi Tops in Oakville!

September 8, 2014 by Gloria in Blog, Latest News with Comments Off on Chi-Chi Tops in Oakville!

Chi-Chi Laser Studios (Shee-Shee) made this years Top Picks in the Oakville Readers Choice Award !!  I am honoured and at the same time humbled, I thank my clients for their continuous support over the years. When I opened my business 5 years ago…I didn’t really have a complete vision of where I wanted to take Chi-Chi, but it’s become overtly obvious over the years that contrary to Harvard business school and what you read from many highly paid business consultants – a genuine focus on  true customer service has been the real driver of my success. I have grown to understand that I love my clients and what I do. I’m ecstatic that I…a mother, a wife, etc (the list goes on – LOL) have won this award – as an entrepreneur it’s very difficult to balance life – but I’m so happy that I have turned a starter home based business into a successful company that is now a household name in Oakville, Halton & surrounding GTA – many clients confidently refer their friends and family to Chi-Chi Laser Studios – Your Support is greatly appreciated!

I invite anyone who hasn’t experienced the Chi-Chi model to come in and be serviced to death…Painlessly – and discover that our motto  “enjoy the experience…love the results” is more than just a tag line. We offer great promotions monthly and pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service and the most advance laser technology available – Full Stop! I don’t bother trying to compete with the animal factory farming Grouponesque daily dealers – when you’re discounting 70 to 80 % and giving Groupon 50% of what’s left, it’s not hard to understand why that model is completely unsustainable.  Now the brand or type of laser equipment is very important, but what may perhaps be more important is how you service that piece of equipment – for example if the calibration of your handset is just slightly off  and replacement is recommended the client will get terrible results. BTW, we’ve replaced handsets recently and that’s an $18K effort per handset (the laser unit itself is 5x that)  can you see daily dippers making that kind of investment into their equipment on a regular basis’ – It  wouldn’t be a wildly remote possibility to say that many unscrupulous clinics and spas would be using cheaper, or poorly calibrated equipment.

Laser Hair Removal is not a service you want to buy on a deal of the day site – I love that my clients many of them medical doctors and professionals have educated themselves and understand that their are different types of lasers out there and they specifically Google our laser (Soprano XL) and specifically ask for calibration reports – Love it! Please educate yourselves before buying online – Chi-Chi Laser Studios offers a complimentary consultation appointment, along with a complimentary underarm session – I want every new client to ask the questions that they need to allow them to feel at ease and to try our laser – to understand that 1 it truly is Painless and 2 that it will work for them – everyone is different and will react to laser differently – that’s why we offer a free session – on us! It’s by far the best value on the market.


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Get to know Chi-Chi Laser Studio and Gloria


What does your company do?

Strong confident, sexy and successful woman is what my business is about – no not human trafficking – we help woman look and feel beautiful and confident through laser cosmetic therapies and in particular through painless laser hair removal treatments – At CHI-CHI pronounced Shee – Shee you really will “enjoy the experience and love the results”.


What advice can you give to Entrepreneurs that are starting out?
Make sure your not just “me too” make sure you have a strong differentiator – whats unique to Chi-Chi Laser Studios in the market place beyond using state of the art “painless” procedures is our bed side manner. Although we use a continuous flow 810 nanometer diode laser (not an IPL) the most powerful laser designed expressly for hair removal – its really the expertise of our laser technicians (through our rigid hiring and training practices) and our philosophy to make certain every client on every visit to Chi-Chi enjoys the highest caliber of personal service – that’s our true differentiator – what we’re not is some Grouponesque mass production “animal factory farm” – what we are is competitively priced and far and away your best value in the market place – and that’s become very evident since 90% of our growth is attributable to word of mouth referrals…and I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to thank all of my wonderful “affectedly elegant and trendy” clients for making us successful


Why did you start your company?
My career really began in information technology at IBM, GE Capital and at CIBC as a Vendor Manager responsible for negotiating enterprise software agreements. In and around my 6th or 7th year with CIBC, it became overtly clear to me it was really time to take stock and to follow my passion, which is helping woman to become what I’ve always aspired to be – confident, sexy and successful.

I’ve always had a strong desire to be in charge – just ask my husband, and to be free to schedule my time around my priorities – children and family – which hasn’t always worked out perfectly…so I created Chi-Chi Laser Studios and I’m extremely proud to be celebrating my 4th year in business with 48% yr over yr growth – but to be honest, remaining small and local and still having time to enjoy my wonderful husband and family are my real aspirations – however cliche that may sound. My philosophy has always been to make certain every client on every visit to Chi-Chi enjoys the highest caliber of personal service, and my friends that is no cliche.


What’s the best thing about being your own boss?
I just love all of the stress – no honestly, its to be free to schedule my time around my priorities – children and family


How do you manage family life and work?
I wish I could be more helpful to your readers in this regard – but everyone assigns their own certain priority or level of importance to every activity in their lives – I guess the only advice I can give is to really “know your priorities”.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Well lets be honest – life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans – I think that was John Lennon. My focus is here and now, as you know I’m a vegan and try to live a clean and healthy lifestyle and my dream for my family and friends and I is for abundant affluence and an optimal state of well being – and God willing in ten years I will still be around to enjoy it.

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