Laser Hair Removal from a Man’s Perspective

May 19, 2016 by Gloria in Blog, Reviews with Comments Off on Laser Hair Removal from a Man’s Perspective

I am male in my mid-40s and have been shaving since I was in my 20s. Shaving was laborious and the results very short lived, with stubble growing back within a day or two, so it was very hard to maintain a clean hair-free look. I then discovered home hair removal systems and tried that for a year and I had almost no results. It was also very laborious with each session taking hours. The cartridges were also very expensive and did not last very long.

Finally, I discovered Chi-Chi Laser Studio located in the Greater Toronto Area and could not be happier. The procedure is pain-free and results have been amazing. I purchased an 8-package session and I have now completed 4 sessions and the results are very noticeable.

In addition to it working the staff is amazing. They are professional, pleasant, and always make you feel comfortable and confident. I was so pleased and impressed that my wife is also now a client and she is also thrilled. She started her removal using a different technology and that technology was very painful. She also confirms that the technology that Chi-Chi uses works and is pain free.

We are now both thrilled and could not be happier. In short, if you are looking for hair-removal I would wholeheartedly recommend Chi-Chi Laser Studio. The people are awesome, the technology works, and it is pain-free.

Lastly, they often have special offers that make Chi-Chi Laser Studio less expensive than anywhere I have ever seen making it, in my mind, the best option for laser hair removal in the GTA.

Thrilled With The Results

May 21, 2015 by Gloria in Reviews with Comments Off on Thrilled With The Results

I’m thrilled with the results of Chi Chi laser technique so far. I’m doing my arms, full legs, underarms and Brazilian and amazed at the results. Gloria knows what’s she doing and I have the hairless body to prove it.


A Great Testimonial

February 11, 2015 by Gloria in Reviews with Comments Off on A Great Testimonial

I come from a long line of hairy Italian women, and next to the invention of the straightening iron, the Soprano XL laser hair removal system deserves a Nobel Peace Prize!

I was apprehensive to try Chi-Chi’s “PAINLESS” system after experiencing traditional IPL systems in the past – their claim seemed too good to be true. Dorota, my lovely technician, put me at ease the moment I arrived at the studio, but I still braced myself at the start of the session, expecting a thousand tiny elastic bands to snap away at my sensitive lady parts, and… nothing! No pain! Finally, a company that stands by its claims! It actually felt like a warm stone massage, and the procedure took a fraction of the time than regular lasers. Chi-Chi gets two (hairless) thumbs up from me!

~ Marilina Renna

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